Thursday, February 21, 2008

Won't Somebody Think Of The Children?!

Oh, the pain. So, Labor's in government, everyone's happy (enough), and then... an idiot comes along.

I mean, is he stupid? Are we governed by Family First? Are we actually in China?!

This man somehow thinks that you can't just bypass a filter by a little bit of traffic redirection. Fool. More fool those Victorians, too, who didn't vote below the line.

So... the stats are in. Expected: 1.4 million downloads. Received: 30,000. Call centre receives 20-40 calls, per day. Waste of AU$84 million. What does this imply? Well, to about, lessee... 100 - 100*(30,000/21,000,000) = 99.85% of Australians don't want to have their internet filtered. And I wonder about what the percentage of those using the filter are concerned parents - that is, they probably don't want their internet usage filtered, but rather just their childrens'.

Seriously. I want the proportion of my tax that went to this department back.

For moar, here and here.

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