Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Public implosions, chapter 1

Chapter 1 implies there'll be more. I expect there will be. The interviews with the "it wasn't my fault" cretins on the ABC's (Australian, of course) Four Corners post-election doco last night were good for humour, entertainment and pieces of amazement. Downer's assertion that the reason the Liberal Party is not forming government is due to voters simply wanting something new is more proof that he still either has no idea what happened, or in an interview where he made some admissions of a nature you'd think to be confidential to the inner circle of the party he lied.

lol. Lord Dolly Downer. Minchin spent his time trying to give an "I told you so" but with less guts, Hockey "it's not my fault WorkChoices sucked", Abbott "omg Howard's still a legend", and Costello, well. You could see the torture in his eyes, especially when Howard annoited him as his successor at the concession speech. I'm not going to jump into it and say that he was foolish for expecting Howard to step down (which he was) along with a puffed up ego (which he had)... wait, I have jumped into it. Oh well. Like someone commented elsewhere, he should've told Howard to get bollocksed in 1994.

Jeff Kennett was right in his call that the outcome of this won't do any good for the party; it was only good for the Liberal ministers (excluding Pynenuts; he's irrelevant) to try and write history the way they want it written.

More comments on the theatre is at Possums Pollytics and Larvatus Prodeo. For a right-whinger trying to defend(!) the Liberals, look for poster 'hc' at LP. Much lulz.

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