Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post #1, omg.

So I'm here sitting here, apathetically grinding the trivia bot for the first time in months (ok, two), and it asks what soap was originally made of. I, being the tower of integrity and strength that I am, punch 'soap' into wikipedia (no, trivia bots don't deserve integrity).
The first picture I see, I think of Fight Club, and that I should watch that movie again... after I've seen everything else I'd been meaning to see.

Like Three Kings.

I'm sure that was interesting, but the meaning of it escapes me... for now. I'll remember it while jogging, I bet, and forget it by the time I get home.


Meanwhile, I'm amused by those making comments on that bastion of journalistic brilliance, Good to see just how educated the public is. It restores my faith in everything.
The particular comments amusing me are those criticising our dear PM, Kevin "Krudd/Dudd/insert childish demeaning name here" Rudd, and that we're saying sorry at all. In fact, those Aborigines should be grateful, grateful i tells ya! That's right! Speechlessness seems to be the best defence to the urge to scream.

And Scientology v everyone else. Much lulz.

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