Monday, February 18, 2008

Movies galore

You know, Batman is a fantastic character. The sheer amount of fail in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin almost destroyed all of that, as Clooney reportedly said. However, Batman Begins was a start on the road back, with The Dark Knight hopefully continuing this. Having a hero that can represent some of the nastier side of humanity, while still trying to save people from themselves is something which any half-decent director/scriptwriter should make the most of.

I was also reading a review of Batman Begins which said that Bale had trouble connecting to the audience as much as Michael Keaton did; bollocks. I actually watched Batman about 6 months ago for the first time; a good description would be awkward and the fight scenes, er, laughable (which apparently is more down to Burton as a non-fight-scene director). The way that Batman Begins hid fight scenes by having Batman take out the crims behind the camera made for a spookier, and more powerful, effect.

About the one redeeming feature of Batman & Robin was Alicia Silverstone being as pretty as she is. Especially in pseudo-leather/body moulded armour. I couldn't really jump out of this paragraph without a mention of the sheer dedication that Christian Bale has shown in his roles in his past few films (and, most likely, all of them); putting on the 50-odd kilos between The Machinist and Batman Begins is pretty damn crazy. Asking for health troubles, he is.

Anyway, this was all brought to mind after someone commenting on the quality of of the Dune miniseries, made in 2000, and the question of why "they" ruin such good material with such crap scripting/acting/effects.

All I can say is fuck knows.

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