Friday, February 15, 2008

'tis frustrating

Friday afternoons, that is. Mornings shine brightly with that promise of the weekend just within touching distance, such that they are the best time of the (working) week. Afternoons are the most boring, drawn out, painful period any person could experience, as you have your fingers on the weekend, but are unable to bring those fantastically evolved opposable thumbs into play, and grasp...

It could also be the after-effects of football training last night, where I have been finishing up most nights with my calves cramping, probably due to the way I run - and it doesn't seem to matter how much I stretch. I do notice, though, that I don't cramp up in games. Perhaps the socks help. Maybe I should run around with my socks up (I don't wear shinpads at training).

Speaking of which, omg. It was freakin' frustrating last night. Somehow the first team coach decided a couple of guys were worth trying out. Mistake. Big mistake. I played at the back (none of the rest of them were capable) and was continually sold short by a lack of movement off the ball and game-watching. Two of them thought it was a good idea attempting to go forward in a 2v6 situation. It seems like they've never actually played with anyone else - they'd ignore all instructions from the back, wouldn't let anyone know if they had an opposition player up their backside, call "turn" when the player with the ball had no space...

Hopefully the actual contenders for this squad turn up next week. I even gave up drinking during the week for football, and this is what I get! be honest, it was in response to getting completely trashed Friday night, and being too hungover to do my own physical work for the rest of the weekend.

I know whose fault it is. Not mine. Absolutely not mine!

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