Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Smarmy? Me?! Noooo...

I've just been called smarmy on Andrew Bolt's blog. I don't mind doing a bit of what he calls "trolling". After all, it's just asking a question to justify his viewpoint when he doesn't do a full disclosure. Gold lulz. (i.e. he has no idea what real trolling is like...)

His April Fools' Day joke wasn't really funny; what was were other people's reactions. Despite being "fooled", The Ostrahyun's update is amusing. As is the update from BoltWatch.

Anyway. The little office jokes and pranks are always the best. And better if they don't entirely depend on someone forgetting the date, but rather on cunning.


The Editor said...

You're lucky you weren't plain SNIPPED.

Chade said...

I'm just wondering how far I can push it... despite the disagreement between cats and curiosity.