Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reading emails

Oh, no. Not you reading your emails, but your boss!

So they're going to have someone wasting their time reading your email. It's all asking for trouble. I'm not particularly up in arms about them reading your email - it's work time, it's work email, you've probably got the company name, address, etc in the footer as a signature. If you're using it for non-work purposes, I wonder if it could be construed as misrepresenting the company.

And if you don't use a private email account for private communication (and there is a few providers around), you're a bit naive. You don't live at work, so why should you have a permanent and private address at work?

My actual issue with this is that the Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, thinks that this will help the nation's security:
He has said a hack attack in Estonia using "botnet" viruses shut down that country's government for two weeks.
Er, no. Just no. How is denial of service attacks related to checking your employees' emails? Even better, why would terrorists used unsecured and unencrypted email to coordinate anything of the sort? What's next, putting out posters warning non-targets not to go to a certain location at a certain time?!

Even better, from the Sydney Morning Herald site:
"It's unquestionable that it's necessary from time to time for network supervisors to open emails addressed to people to identify viruses and the like …"
Does he really think that an anti-virus program is actually a schedule or timetable written up for people to check emails, rather than a chunk of code?

I think this extends to both sides of politics:
Christopher Pyne, Malcolm Turnbull and Joe Hockey were the only senior former Howard government ministers who could use a computer, a Liberal party source said.
Note: this doesn't make Pyne any less of an idiot.

Oh, and lol. If he could help Nelson, he wouldn't have lost the last election.

Update: Jacques Chester does what the original journalists should've done, and asks some questions. So maybe McClelland doesn't think that, and some hack told him to say it. Or maybe he still does. WHO KNOWS.

It doesn't stop him and Gillard being foolish for using the OMG TEWWOWISM!!@#@!!! line - or actually knowing anything about teh web.

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