Thursday, April 24, 2008

Media and the Chinese

Would anyone really be surprised about this happening, after all the Chinese Ambassador has said? I almost wonder why he hasn't been told to front up at The Lodge and asked to explain him(them)self(ves).

In the meantime, what's with The Australian full-stop? Have they had feelings on inadequacy, and started drifting further right in response to them telling themselves that because the Labor Party won, we're going left. That's evil, obviously. Can't have and dissent of opinion. For example, a reasonable suggestion on a News Ltd's "blogger"'s entry treated very weirdly.

Ok, it's a bit of a draw to compare the two. But really. The opinion pieces posted on the website seem that they're raging, raging against the dying of the... er, light. Yeah. 'Cos obviously, with all this loving, caring, LEFT-leaning crazy 2020 summit stuff, someone's got to "provide balance".

And I haven't posted for a while. Sorry Soupie.

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Auryn said...

Damn right you're sorry.

Didn't you listen to the Chinese protestor on one of the news bulletins tonight on TV (which I know you love)? China is a peaceful country. Sure they then showed a single pro-Tibet protestor getting mobbed by pro-Chinese so the cops had to pull them out, but still...

Free Tibet and bring back monastic serfdom of olde!