Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crackbook or Crackpot?

When I started this blog, I thought to myself 'no more ranty posts', mainly 'cos they're crap. So, since I feel like typing, I need topics. Topics.

I added a Facebook "application" called 'Premier Football'. You select a team from your "friends", and compete against friends' teams (and against randoms, I think, but I'm not interested in beating people I can't lord it over), even if they're on yours. Which makes for a quite lulz.

What I'm wondering, though, is who the hell wrote the algorithm determining results?! So far I've played 3 games, and lost 12-0, 10-0 (here I thought it would improve), and 18-0 (10-0 at half time)! Crazy.

On the subject of Facebook (or Crackbook, depending on how much of an addictive personality you are), I was slightly... startled... to find out a while after joining about some of the terms of signing up. I didn't read all of the terms when I did, only a quick scan. Hence: slight surprise to read that one interpretation of them could mean that they (Facebook) actually own these details. So, apart from being cautious about friending not-very-well-known others, people should also have second thoughts on what data you put on there, not that just visible to friends. With the credit card function, for example, if there's any holes in security (due to your habits or otherwise) someone's probably got all the details to reset every detail of your bank account.

Well, maybe. Hooray for paranoia.

In the meantime, Australia drew with China 0-0, despite losing 53 of our best players to injury, travelling 12,085km to an altitude of 4,021 metres. Well, almost. And contending with a referee that thought a studs up late sliding tackle is only a free kick. 's not bad, actually...


Anonymous said...

I came across this the other day and was really disappointed to find it was just a joke!

Chade said...

You built me up and destroyed me all in the one sentence (well, and link).

If only.