Thursday, March 13, 2008

You... what?!

Hostel facing lawsuit after telling Aboriginal people to leave

You... seriously what? Ok, the proprietors might be racist. They can be racist. They don't have the right to discriminate because of that, but with free speech often comes issues that people don't really want to hear about. On both sides. That's an interesting follow-up I might do. Anyway, I'll leave the racism to the backburner for a tick, because sadly they could probably still do business while being racist.

So, are they simply stupid? Do they really think that this won't get news coverage, that their name (Haven Backpacker Resort) won't be broadcast everywhere? Idiots.

And to the revenge by mob rule on the intarweb. I'm gonna copy the post at Hoyden About Town.

Avoid the Haven Backpacker Resort (owned by Adventure Tours Australia) on Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs. They have issues with understanding racism.

I'm embarrassed to be Australian. Again. :( How does a tourist of a co-guest see and complain to the manager in all of 30 minutes? How do you even approach a manager about something like this?

Where do these idiots come from? I mean, I've heard stories about Alice Springs, the problems with alcoholism (mainly in reference to Aborigines), can't let women walk about at night (it's the same north of Cooper Pedy in South Australia due to drunken miners, according to a mate of mine). But... simply thinking that this is (or was; they've probably been told by now) anywhere near ok, leaves me, despite thinking originally I'd write more than this, speechless...


Brian said...

"How does a tourist of a co-guest see and complain to the manager in all of 30 minutes?"

Azns are like totally efficient! And Japanese love their racism, especially against blacks and other Asians! Clearly.

Just learn to smile and nod like I do when chatting with the racists at parties and pubs and stuff. There's never any shortage of them.

Chade said...

*smiles and nods*