Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Me too!

I think the Coalition should be ashamed of themselves. People've been saying for years that they've been underpaid, and suddenly, the Opposition is crying about it too! What's wrong with coming up with original complaints about your job?!

Apparently $150,000 a year isn't enough for floating around and listening to people, while occasionally turning up and having a spat in front of and with a lot of other blokes (with the occasional bird stooping to join in the dummies moving at high velocities), all of which make you look like an 8 year old.

Boo hoo.

In the meantime, my eyes went wonky reading Possum's housing affordability article, part 2. Long, but interesting (as always).

I was also entertained and slightly appalled by a certain rabid reaction to a typo/misspell (whichever, whatever), documented at GrodsCorp. I don't know why I am, though - been there, seen that...

Easter weekend vacillates between the best and worst weekend of the year. It's a 4 day weekend, so no complaints there. Batteries recharged, etc. However, I wished to purchase alcohol on Friday; apparently I have to conform to the religious beliefs of only 64% (and declining) of Australians...

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